Islamic Society Of Gladstone

About us

Islamic Society of Gladstone Inc. (ISG), established in 2 August 2012, is a Government registered organisation, and affiliated with the Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) and the Muslim Australia – formerly Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC).

ISG was formed to cater for the spiritual, educational and community needs of the growing Muslim community in the Gladstone region. ISG also serves the Muslims residing in Tannum Sands, Boyne Island, Calliope and Turkey Beach. Over the past 6 years, Gladstone experienced growing number of Muslims from all across Australia and overseas. That led to increasing demand for Muslim religious and welfare services. Community leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds got together to formulate plans to establish a community institution in the area. The Islamic Society of Gladstone (ISG) evolved from these plans on 2 August 2012. Since incorporation, ISG has been providing a number of services to the Muslim community in Gladstone region. With limited resources available, ISG has nevertheless been able to implement a number of key activities. Activities include: 

⦁ Operate a Musallah offering five daily congregational prayer services as well as the weekly Jummua prayers
⦁ Facilitate the monthly delivery of Halal meat
⦁ Quran and Islamic theology lessons for children
⦁ Appoint Huffaz for Tarawih prayers in Ramadan; and conduct special Ramadan classes for children and adults throughout the month
⦁ Eid prayers and community Iftar gatherings
⦁ Udhiya and Zakat (collection/dispensation)
⦁ Facilitate marriage and funeral services
⦁ Da’wah, Outreach programs and support for new reverts

ISG also actively participate in multicultural/interfaith events held in Gladstone like Multicultural Week (Gladstone Regional Council event) and GRIN (Gladstone Region Interfaith Network). In effort to be an open society ISG has been arranging Islamic Open Day every year since 2014 for Muslims and Non-Muslims, inviting guest speakers to present Islam – the religion of peace. Guest speakers included Imam Yusuf Pears (2014), Ali Kadri (2015) and Imam Uzair Akbar (2016). Refer to Appendix – F for ISG major events and activities

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